Weekend (Ultimate) Warriors: Cleveland, OH

You know Cleveland. Don’t you? The setting for The Drew Carey Show, a rival city for Liz Lemon in 30 Rock, Ted’s hometown from How I Met Your Mother? Yeah, that one. Don’t be fooled, Cleveland is more than a plot device and setting for network TV sitcoms; it is a real town, albeit slightly magical, tucked away in the Midwest (Midwest? Is that what you call it?) on a Great Lake.

Fantastic food, clean city, friendly people, three sports stadiums (in town) and blocks away from each other. Cleveland is wonderful. In fact, it may be one of my favorite cities in America. There, I said it.

Last weekend, my wife, my visiting brother in law, and I traveled to Cleveland for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. I was initially scheduled to run the half marathon with my wife, but my knee decided to be a bastard on me. Since, I have played the role of supporting spouse for my wife who thrashed the Hell out of that half-marathon. Boom! I couldn’t be prouder of her. She was great. Running a half-marathon is hard enough, but doing it by yourself is something I’m not sure I would have the wherewithal to do. Three cheers for my wife!

Among my favorite highlights:

  • The sketchy and delicious Greek food place in the Arcade.
  • Seeing Johnny Cash’s tour bus (see pictures)
  • Losing $5 playing an Airplane (the movie) themed slot machine
  • Morning coffee at Erie Island Coffee Co., a small cafe near the Corner Alley
  • Room service dessert
  • The marathon starting with the theme song from The Drew Carey Show.

Among my least favorite highlights:

  • Unable to find dinner due to every restaurant being overbooked the night before the marathon… probably our fault.
  • The guy at the super expensive restaurant (we finally found a place) who only brought one piece of bread, and when we asked for water, brought us a $12 bottle. I mean, really?
  • Losing $5 playing an Airplane (the movie) themed slot machine

Overall it was a great trip. I hope to be able to spend more time in Cleveland as the years pass. Ohio, in general, intrigues me. When I do go back, I’d love to see a sports game, go inside the Rock N’Roll Hall of Fame, and track down Drew Carey and/or Johnny Manziel for a side-hug.

Have you been to Cleveland? What do you think? Any recommendations for a return visit?

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