About Me

Hello. My name is Kevin.

I mostly write music. Sometimes there are other things.


  • Happily married (6+ years). We don’t have kids and do watch a lot of Netflix
  • California native, Idaho once, Upstate NY grad, Washington state now
  • I used to sing God songs in front of lots of people — what they call a “worship-leader”
  • Business and art is raging inside me, one day I hope art wins

My Favorite Posts:

Story Behind the Setlist: The Swell Season — April 2008

Modern Mantras in Aged Fiction: Crichton’s Formula for Success

Open Letter to the Mysterious Animal Hiding in My Apartment

The Avett Brothers: The Breaking Bad of Live Music

Confessions of a Former Worship Leader (Freshly Pressed)

Other Notables:

Winner, Best Writing: 16th Annual Rochester One-Act Festival for “Famous Writers in Hell”

Contributor theater reviewer for CITY Newspaper

Contributor to the D& C Rochester entrepreneurship blog, RocNext

Entrepreneurship column writer for 585 Magazine

Contributor and editor for the official Music Motive blog

Transfer blogger at University of Rochester

Featured in Twenty-Somethings in 2013 blog

Staff writer for entertainment blog The Farsighted

Be Social

Find me on Twitter @kevincarrwrites and Facebook TheNumberKevin

Email: kevindannycarr (at) gmail (dot) com

Copyediting/Freelance Writing: Hire me!




  1. I just discovered your blog today and really like what I see. In acknowledgement of my appreciation and to highlight your work, I have nominated you for a “Versatile Blogger Award”. In response, you may simply know that you have a big fan who will be following you. Or, in turn, you can view my post (link below) and follow the mission described there. Keep up the good work, Tony


    1. I just realized I never responded to this! Thanks for checking out my posts as well. San Luis Obispo is a special place! Since you are a beach person, make sure and squeeze in Morro Bay! It’s just north of us, and very, very cool.

  2. Thanks for popping over to my blog! Just one comment here: why would you ever want to leave SLO? My husband, former Marine, was stationed in Camp Pendleton and explained to me how SLO is paradise 🙂

    1. I know right? SLO is amazing. I think it was rated as “the happiest place on earth” by someone knowledgable in something. It’s great, but time again to move. I definitely recommend SLO to anyone looking for a good small town with great people.

  3. Was hiking in the freshly pressed woods and came across your blog. As a now part-time worship leader moving into the non-profit world, I can relate to many things you have shared. Thanks and hope all goes well with your move(s).

  4. well, I find your blog very interesting. But I ask, why is it so important “to know” Jesus? Why not Buddha? Why not Love? In my mind Jesus’ message was one of love, so the name and the emotion go hand in had; but when you say know Jesus, it seems that the meaning changes, because .. Who can know him? Through studying the Bible? Maybe. If you can interpret it and somehow have the key to understand it 100%. Who can be so intelligent to do that? Can you trust other mortals to be up to the task? I don’t think so.

    So maybe… The question should be something else. Which is it? we are all looking for answers even though we don’t know it. Probably that journey is a very solitary one and the answers and not in the four walls of a church.

  5. Hey – join the movement!

    As a follower of “A Way With Words”, you are invited to a domain warming party as I move to a new blog address. Click on this link –


    You’ll think you are in a parallel universe.

    While you are there, be sure to click the “Follow” button. Within the next week, I plan to publish exclusively from this site. Don’t miss out on any of the fun!

  6. I ran across your blog from another site, and since Kevin is my favorite number, right after 12 and 43, I thought I would follow you. Plus, I really like the worship leader at my church, Matt Papa, so I figured you’re probably pretty cool.

      1. Aww shucks! (But thanks.) You have a really great blog…just want you to know how much I truly enjoy it. When you go big, I’ll be proud in the background.

  7. Such a small world! I have been offline for awhile, but saw that you have moved to ROC and are working with Leah at 585 Magazine. I know Leah and her family and work with Leah at Roberts. Great people! Welcome to Rochester!

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