Rochester, NY: Halfway Point (& Beyond)

That’s right, Constant Reader. My wife and I are halfway through our stay in Rochester, NY. Can you believe it? Time flies, I suppose. Junior year at the University of Rochester was no picnic, but I made it nonetheless, Dean’s List, might I add.

According to the muggy thunderstorm that kept me up all night, we’re heading into summer. I hear Rochester is a great place to live in the non-winter months (some people argue it’s a great place to live year-round, but that is neither here nor there). I’m not a big fan of humidity, nor am I a big fan of really hot weather. As it turns out, I’m a baby who was spoiled with a constant breeze of 60 degree, California ocean weather.

SIDE NOTE: We Californians consistently do one thing, and that one thing is complaining about any non-60 degree ocean breeze weather. I’m sorry, but I’m helpless about it. I’m a weather snob.

So what do we do after Rochester? After college? Good questions! Even if they are slightly personal, I don’t mind you asking them. I suppose. Before we know it the next year will be over and it will be time to leave. I really, really need to think seriously about my future. Here are my options, friend, as I see them.

Kevin’s List of Future Possibillitude

1. Apply for financial aid as a “student of life”

2. Launch a new political party and/or morning TV talk show: Kevin & Friends

3. Partner with Applebees for a 30 day food documentary: “Appetizer Me”

4. Solve California’s water crisis by releasing snakes everywhere (people will leave)

5. Publish my passion-project novel, Band Names: Called It!

6. Revolutionize the beverage coaster business

7. Freelance as an evangelical pastor (weekend gig)

8. Protest cat bloggers

9. Discover a cure for cow-licks

10. Start that Twitter ministry

Don’t worry, everyone. I was just kidding about the cat bloggers. Have a good day!

[Picture at the top: random sidewalk in Rochester]



  1. Kevin,
    those career choices are funny. As far as the droughts in California goes, I have often thought of a great solution. Why can’t they reroute the river from Idaho, Oregon, and Washington where we see all that precious water that just goes right into the ocean. I mean not reroute all of it, but put a fork in the rivers where California can just get some of it. I know it would take a lot of work and money to do, but it is possible. California scares me now, and I will never live there again. I worry about all of this weird weather lately, and they might have bad earthquakes, and title waves. Plus it is too expensive there. They can have their perfect weather. It’s not worth it to me.

  2. Kevin,
    by the way, I think you are a great writer. Maybe you can get a job writing as a critic for some local town’s newspaper of town events. They have a few great weekly news papers of town events in this town of Reno that I read, and they have several writers giving their opinions about many topics that I find very amusing, funny, and educational. You would be good at that.

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