Please Support My Tweeting Ministry

It’s 2014. God has finally set a fire in my heart. I’m here to serve, we’re all here to serve, and there’s no better day than today. Amen! Hallelujah! I’ve been asking for direction: “Lord, show me a need that I can fill.”

After months of waiting, the Lord responded and I heard it clear: “Send.”

“Hit send?”

And the Lord again said, “Send”

“You want me to hit send? Tweet?”

The Lord wants me to start a tweeting ministry. Whatever sacrifices I have to make, I’ll make. So far, I’ve quit my job and left school. Praise God! It’s been hard, but when the Lord calls us into hard times, there is no choice but to trust Him and follow.


is a tweeting ministry, you ask? Let me run you through it.

Step 1: Begin each day with prayer, asking God to reveal his wisdom

Step 2: Edit God’s wisdom into 140 characters or less 

Step 3: Pray for retweets and favorites

Step 4: Show everyone how great my tweets are

Step 5: Repeat process

Millions—every day—tweet, follow, and favorite. They’re lost and broken. They need the power of Christ to reform their lives.

It wont be easy, but missionary work isn’t about the easy road. It’s about struggle. And living without. It’s about spreading the Gospel. Send me lord, and I’ll hit send. I’m willing to make that sacrifice.


do I need from you? Good question.

Need 1: Prayer. I need your prayer more than anything.

Need 2: Consider sponsoring my ministry with a tax deductible donation or monthly tithe.

“Kevin, how much money does it take to run a tweeting ministry? And how can I get it to you!?!?”

First and foremost, if you’re going to reach a lost generation, you need to speak the same language. The Tweeter Beaters speak visually. They respond to flashy imagery with simple and shallow language.

First cost: Obtaining the newest iPhone with the biggest data package. The camera is better and extremely necessary for Pic Tweeting (as well as my side-Instagram ministry). If possible, I’d prefer a black one; however, I’ll settle for whatever the Lord gives me.

Second cost: Hire a graphic designer. In addition to tweeting, I’ll be building a website/blog, which will need a logo. I’m hoping to inspire others to Tweejus (working title). Would you support a ministry without a flashy design or brand? I don’t think so!

Third cost: Secretary. If I’m to spend time with the Lord and wrestle through His wisdom, I can’t be distracted by answering the phone.

Fourth cost: Attend as many conferences as possible. It will be half research, half “live tweeting,” and half feeding my soul. Ministry tweeting will—no doubt—spiritually empty me every day.

The goal is to raise $50,000 in start-up capital.


If the Lord implores you, check out my funding website: Tweejus. Soon, you’ll be able to support my tweeting ministry on a monthly basis. Amen! It’s imperative that you support my ministry, that you pray, and that you follow me on Twitter.

Let me ask you this: Are the lost worth it? Then help me reach them on Twitter—full time. I can’t be distracted with a job and by working with strangers all day. Together, we can make the world a better place.

Tweet Crop

What has the Lord put on your heart this morning?



  1. Just felt that John 10 was relevant. I know Jesus said he was a door. But I felt it appropriate to affirm that you are a door. Be encouraged that those who enter will find green pasture. For me, recently, that speaks of coming into a place of peace/rest and perhaps escaping the trapped situation by there being a resolution. Alternatively, meaning there is rest and peace despite the turmoil and difficulty of the situation.
    Blessings, Ski

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