New Year’s ResoWINtions (or, I’m More Resolute Than You Are)

New Year’s Resolutions have a bad wrap. To be fair, the word “lose” is implied in the name. I prefer resoWINtions (I’m a crafty wordsmither, no?). Pastors, blogs, magazines, everyday folks, they all clamber resolution warnings. No doubt, your ear-holes and eye-balls have been plagued with a mess of conflicting messages. Christians, I’ve found, like to shrug off New Years Resolutions. Maybe they see it as shallow. I don’t know. Some folks, maybe, don’t like to be reminded how susceptible to failure they are.

As for me, I’m a fan of new challenges. I like them all year-round. Once, I only used chopsticks for three months or so.

SIDE NOTE: Hands down, salad is best eaten with chopsticks.

Challenges nurture the soul. It’s good for us to be tested, even if we fail. Maybe especially so. I failed most of my New Years ResuWINtions from last year. However, I did complete one. I read through all of the Holy Bible in a year (yessss). I got a little behind on my reading, and I discovered I lack any spiritual ability to stay consistent. But that’s okay. I finished!

Well, without further achew! (sorry, I sneezed), here are my 2014 New Year’s ResoWINtions:

1. Write longer blog titles

2. Eat more green olives

3. Find creative ways to tell/show my wife I love her

SIDE NOTE: ResoWINtions are not listed in order of importance

4. Use less “SIDE NOTE”s

5. Blog three times a week

6. Run a half-marathon

7. Read two books a month (outside of class)

8. Find a better/more fulfilling job

9. Find creative ways to tell/show my friends I love them, too

10. Try every Ben & Jerry’s flavor

11. Play my guitar more than twice a year

12. Accomplish more than one ResoWINtion

13. Use funny pictures of dogs on my blog

What do you think? Do I have a shot? Any resoWINtions you’re looking to capture?



  1. I hear you on number 8. I want that too! 🙂 My other ResoWINtion is to write more and hopefully publish this year!

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