New York State: (Three Month Recap)

What a year it’s been! I woke up in Idaho on January 1st, drove to California where I lived for six-months, and then ventured to upstate New York where I’ll finish out the year. I say “I” but I really mean we. We means my wife and me (I). Yeah. That’s a lot of driving. Our Prius is a champ. I think I’ll buy my car a wizard’s cap for Christmas, considering he did such a good job leading us across the continent (like Gandalf!).

But New York. Man, sometimes, I still can’t believe we live here. New friggan York! What a long way from home. There’s good and bad, but we like it; Rochester is growing on us. Constant unfamiliarity can be quite exhausting, but we’ve been using our GPS less and less, so that is good. A big step to accepting a new home, I think, is learning the street names.

Without further ado, here’s my three-month recap (or review!) of NY State:


Humidity and lots of fruit flies. But it could’ve been worse. We came in on the tail-end of the humidity; we’ll have to wait till next year to fully experience it, I guess. With no jobs or school in session we were bored out of our minds! We were broke too. Moving is ‘spensive.

However, we did manage to see Niagara Falls after a terrible, no good-very bad day. Megan landed a job pretty much right off the bat! And speaking of bat, we woke up with a bat in our room and almost contracted rabies. August was… well, it was… a stretching experience. Oh, I also saw mewithoutYou (my favorite band). 


We were a little more settled. We begun to attend a small-group and meet people. School started for me and Megan began her job—both on the same day. Megan, almost immediately, discovered why everyone spoke about her school district with disdain.

I began classes, realizing I was the worst writer in the room. My anthropology course got me thinking about Jesus and killer whales. Overall, classes went smoothly. I struggled with loneliness on campus (where do I sit?), but survived. The best part of September? We bought a toaster oven!


What a beautiful month October is in the Northeast! I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about Fall and Fall colors (If you are, you can just excuse yourself from the next few sentences). Now that he’s gone… There is a bevy of foliage here in Rochester. And when Fall came it all changed. I grew up in coastal California, so Falls like this are still very special to me.

Immersing ourselves into Fall, we explored Letchworth State Park (the Grand Canyon of the East!) and had a great time. We went apple-picking on an orchard… mmmm.. honeycrisps… and Megan made an incredible Apple Coffee Cake.

In addition, I almost took a job from a guy with a ponytail, a business suit, and a gold necklace. Instead, I was hired somewhere else and was asked to track down my whereabouts of the last ten-years! I scored a 26% on my first Econ mid-term… not very exciting. Annnnd we’re up-to-date.


Time flies! I can’t believe its been three months. Pretty soon we’ll be flying back home for Christmas and seeing everyone. That sounds nice, but I believe I still need to commit myself to making Rochester my home as much as possible.

Days like today make it easy. Fall colors are still profound and beautiful. I’m sitting in the library and looking out over campus and am… kind of happy.

We haven’t had snow, but I know its coming. Bring it on, I say. Bring it on.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

A view from Gleason Library



  1. Kevin,
    It snowed here to day in Idaho. Began about 7:30 am PST and is still snowing, although not as hard. Do you have your boots, hats, gloves, snow shovel and brush ready? Are you ready for REAL Lake Effect Snow (not like Lake Coeur d’Alene – Lake Ontario is a much bigger lake and the snow effects will be in proportion). Gosh I miss NY State. Make a snow angel for me. Mary

  2. Great recap. This reminds me of all those great summary episodes of Saturday cartoons and sit-coms I used to watch. Sort of a “Scooby Doo” meets “The Brady Bunch.” Nice stuff.

  3. Kevin….I’m so very proud of you and Megan as you work through your journey together. Even more so of your great way with words, which should come as no surprise, you are a Carr! I love reading your blog and continue to support you and Megan in prayer. I like you, after leaving California (me, over thirty years ago) am still amazed at the season changes, fall and the trees being one of my favorites. You two soak it all up.
    Love you,
    Aunt Debi

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