Letchworth State Park: Beautiful Place, Ugly Name

I was hoping to write something meaningful today. But I wont. Three things have happened which deterred me from writing a “normal” blog:

1. My wife’s previous blog, “When We Were On Fire” is wonderful. How can I follow that up?

2. I have a mid-term for my Econ class today. Leisure and Hours Worked have been taxed.

3. Yesterday, I finished reading “The Great Gatsby.” It was just so good. I feel both inspired and incompetent to write. I’ll need time to reconcile.

4. My neighbors have sex really loud at 9am, almost every day. I’m trying to get used to it. However, I feel one is never suppose to get used to the sound of strangers having sex.

5. We went to a state park the other day, and it was so beautiful that I want to share some pictures. Here you go!

NOTE: Letchworth is a State Park about an hour-ish from Rochester, NY. Hit it in the Fall and you’ll see all the beautiful colors we did. There’s some great waterfalls and bridges and canyons. Everyone here calls it “The Grand Canyon of the East.” We also went to the Grand Canyon this year. Though beautiful, it is no Grand Canyon. That said, if you’re ever up this way, it’s worth your time.



  1. That is a lovely-looking park.

    I had an apartment neighbor in college who often had loud, prolonged sex around bedtime. I never got used to it. Interestingly, it was the second boyfriend (Mr. 10-Minutes) rather than the first (Mr. 20-Minutes) who married her. Which just goes to show… something.

  2. Great photos. I really wish to read “Gatsby.” I too had neighbors, near 60-ish, who had raucous sex nearly every night, right over my room. I either had to leave (my own room!) or endure it. God intended everything about sex to be kept between the two!

  3. Kevin, that’s funny. At 9:00 you should turn your stereo on real loud. I live the pics. Thanks for sharing. I did not know how beautiful it is there.

  4. Hi Kevin, haven’t been blogging for a while myself, and I’m conscious that I don’t want to feed your ‘got to write spiky things about Christianity so i get hits on my blog’ inner beast, so I’m commenting here (yup, a cheat). Just to say I’m still reading your stuff, and yes, I’m afraid your wife’s post was really well written… bad luck there. Letchworth looks amazing- my inlaws were there last month, I feel left out now.
    Got to go, am occasionally remembering to pray for you guys (honest, but not that impressive sounding, I know). Shalom, Andy

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