iPods, Pawn Shops, & Thieves

Last week my 80GB iPod put a thief in jail. Let me tell you about it.

A month or two ago, my wife, the most beautiful person in the entire world, left our car unlocked. You could imagine my surprise as to how someone so intelligent could do such a thing. Well anyways, some guy (or girl… I don’t want to assume anything) walked by our vehicle, saw the machine, and took it.

My wife phoned me to tell me the news.  When I got home I inspected the car and found it sadly violated, with my iPod missing. It is a weird feeling to have your stuff looked through by a total stranger.

I couldn’t put my finger on it but the vehicle had a “different” feeling to it altogether. The blooming hybrid flower that was once my car was now a plucked Prius plant left to wilt in a garage. I might as well drive it off a cliff. It was like my car went on a date with a questionable boy and came back violated and smelling like cigarettes.

Where do these thieves get off anyways? Do you see the chaos that threw my life in a whirlwind? Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad. Megan reminded me it was a used car to begin with.

We called the police and reported it stolen. Although the iPod was a big part of my life for the last few years, going on a lot of journeys with me, I honestly didn’t think much of it and just tried to get it out of my mind and memory. I never expected to see it again. I’m still used to the California motto that says: “If your personal property is stolen, good luck!”

In Idaho, there are these places called “pawn shops.” I know right?What are those? Okay maybe they’re everywhere, but where I grew up there weren’t very many (if any at all). Up here they are everywhere. EVERYWHERE. There are more pawn shops in this town than there are 711 and Starbucks. Besides being a great place to find cheap movies, musical equipment, and tools, it kind of helps you out when you’re stuff gets stolen.

When someone brings in an iPod to pawn, the pawn shoppians have to input the serial number into a database and hold it for a few days before they can put it on the shelf. The database checks to see if the serial number has been reported stolen and reports it directly to the police, as well as who pawned it. I know, brilliant!

So last week, while listening to an old tape on my Sony Walkman, we got a call from an officer who told me they retrieved my iPod.

I couldn’t believe it! I almost didn’t even call the Police and report it. Here they actually found it. When I drove down to pick up the pod, the Police Station was host to a beautiful moment.  There were hugs and tears and pictures; it was like a hostage returning to home to his family. I brought it back home, cleaned it up, and nursed it back to health (recharged it). All thanks to the police, pawn shops, and my iPod’s serial number, it returned home safely.

The “criminal catching” feature wasn’t advertised when I bought the MP3 player, alas here we are. I’m starting to wonder what my iPod can’t do. Really though, it is kind of a team work thing between the pawn shops and the stolen goods. (There’s no I in iPod!)

What do we take away from all of this?

  • Always report your stolen goods.
  • If you want to fight crime, open up a pawn shop (or become an officer, whichever suits your fancy)
  • When you steam your veggies you loose all the nutrients.

One comment

  1. Same thing happened to me when some guys “helped” us load the truck when we moved to WA from CA. iPod was gone (which sucked for the long drive). But I got it back and never even reported it missing, I had registered it with Apple Care and the police called me a few months later. The cool thing is it was broken, but still covered, so I got a brand new one. Good times.

    Also, I just noticed you’re reading “out of the silent planet” SOOO GOOOD. Almost as good as the second book in that trilogy “Parelandra” Best book ever. Seriously.

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