Thoughts on Marriage & Ashton Kutcher

You know those scenes in cheesy romantic comedies when the camera pulls back and the movie ends? Some sappy music plays and we’re suppose to believe the “unlikely” couple lives happily ever after.

As weird as it may sound, I sometimes like to think about the next ten minutes in the couple’s lives… after the movie is over and all. I like to think about their next fight and wonder if they make it through.

Before I dig in too deep, let me preface by saying that I had an amazing time with my wife today. We went to church and she encouraged my worship music, we bought and put up our first Christmas tree, found a cool “first” ornament, further decorated the house, made some awesome homemade hot chocolate, went to a friend’s house for dinner, and the list goes on.

We had this moment today where we danced to an old Christmas song after we decorated the tree. I had this thought in my head, “this is where the camera pulls back and we live happily ever after.”

The things that make moments like these so sweet is that she’s seen the worst of me and still chooses to have me. We are not in the middle of some flimsy and temporary Disney Channel romance. Every time Megan and I have a disagreement, we seem to get closer after we work through it.

Marriage is a funny thing. When I screw up, she can’t go anywhere. Nor would she want to. Nor would I want to. Through thick and thin as they say. And after we’ve worked through each other’s globs of scrutiny and annoyance, we dance by a lit up tree because we’ve earned the trust that can only come with honest dedication and forgiveness. From having the patience to not leave when the other fails. To give anything and to only want the best for the person God has given you.

Through all of this I realize more and more why Christ calls us His bride.

Today the camera pulled back and we danced. I’m happy to report that is not where our story ends. We are just beginning.



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