Giving Shanks

My List of things I’m not thankful for. I call it “Giving Shanks.” What are yours?

1. I always wanted to live somewhere “snowy.” I didn’t know I was signing up to live in a Dairy Queen Blizzard. I think the last two days were worse than last winter altogether. The last thing my face needed was an excuse to be redder than it usually is.

2.  My college teachers who seem to be the only ones continuing their classes in the midst of Planet Hoth-like winter. Every class I walk by has a “Mrs. So and So’s class has been cancelled” sign. I have a feeling I’d be sooner to cut open and sleep inside a mammal than enjoy a “snow day.”

3. The Detroit Lions. I don’t have TV and I am usually too busy on Sundays to even watch football. How come the only day of the year I seem to be able to sit through a whole game, the Detroit Lions are playing???

4. Gay kids who watch Glee. Ok Ok, I know there are a lot of straight people who watch Glee. Right now there are two very flamboyant gay guys watching Glee on a very loud laptop like 12 feet from me. I get that you like the show and all, but if you’re going to be gay and cuddle while I’m trying to write, please lower your volume or at least use tandem headphones or something gay like that. (Sorry for the tone)

5. People who complain all the time. Like seriously, you do know kids are starving in Africa right? It’s like shut-up.


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