FRINGE Day 2: After Hours A Cappella and Tricycle Madness in Manhattan Square

After a dreamlike introduction, a diffident storyline, and a long journey through the crowds of Manhattan Square, Fringe Festival’s Friday night headliner, Tricycle by Circus Orange, awoke its impatient and testy audience with a spectacle filled finale, leaving them speechless and in awe.

For instance, this happened:

Courtesy of the Rochester Fringe Festival

Courtesy of the Rochester Fringe Festival

Wait. Wait. Let’s back up. There’s more to tell. Much more. Let’s start earlier in the day, shall we?


After Hours A Cappella at Bernunzio Uptown Music


After Hours always puts on a great show. I’ve never been clear, however, if their sound and style can sustain audiences beyond the academic, rarefied walls of the University of Rochester.

The first thing I noticed was that the show was almost sold out. So that is good. The second thing? These undergrads are amazing. Top notch voices, diverse song selections, innovative compositions.

From “Stand by Me,” to Little Mermaid‘s “Kiss the Girl,” to “Teenage Dream,” After Hours commandingly covered a range of popular genres, feeding their captivated audience with an overflowing trick-or-treat bag of ear candy.

After the gig, I met the crew and asked the gentlemen “Why a cappella?”

“It’s a mixture of family and passion,” they said in agreement.



Here’s a couple tastes: 

Duran Duran’s “Mad World” was probably my favorite composition of the night. I didn’t take a video, however; I was too engrossed to even consider it. You’ll just have to see it yourself. After Hours is performing again tonight at Bernunzio Uptown Music at 7:30 PM. Check it!

Manhattan Square Park

Circus Orange didn’t start until 7:30, but there was plenty to do and see downtown. Buskers, food trucks, interactive art, local bands, friends and families dancing. Manhattan Square was alive last night!

Fringe 1

After catching some local music by Irish punk band Sisters of Murphy, my wife, a friend, and I visited the interactive art display, My Thing, and added our contribution.

I’m wearing a fake nose, for the record.


Tricycle by Circus Orange

Finally, the Tricycle launched. Its steampunk, dreamy performance gave us all something to remember. Instead of reviewing in depth, I’ll send you to my friend Jake, at CITY, who wrote up a great review. However, we do disagree on one thing. Jake claims Tricycle “could have been a Terry Gilliam fever dream.” I beg to differ. Tricycle was less Terry Gilliam, and more Guillermo del Toro riffing on Disney’s Light Parade.

I’ll let you decide.



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