Brave New World: Days 3 & 4

10 states, 36 driving hours, and upwards of $40 of toll-road fees later… WE MADE IT TO ROCHESTER!!! There was no better feeling than the one we experienced early Wednesday afternoon. Yes, we were tired. Yes, the car smelled weird. Yes, I’m convinced if I had to take one more rotation of driving I would’ve revolted with vomiting and God knows what else.

But we made it.


Illinois (to be even more annoying) had no welcome sign due to road construction.

Truth be told, we had fun. The road trip, though troubling and challenging at times, has given me memories and experiences I will cherish my whole life. My wife has an incredible person to travel with; I’m spoiled to have her.

I’ve already written an update in the form of “Brave New World: Days 1 & 2.” Here’s a recent batch of lessons I’ve learned from the road.

1. Toll roads. Holy geez. If you’re driving through Illinois (ill-annoys, as I’m calling it), Indiana (indy-and-I’ll-take-your-money), or Ohio (nothing clever, sorry), be prepared to have cash. Better yet, get one of those I-Pass or EZPass things. It’s cheaper and faster, apparently. Well, that’s what the sign said every other quarter-of-a-mile.

2. 30 Rock didn’t lie; Cleveland is incredible. Megan and I were both very impressed—despite our grumblings from having to pay to exit the freeway, stupid tolls—in the Ohio big city. It was clean, friendly, and safe. We passed two Irish themed restaurants (ate at one of them) and saw a couple other buildings offering corned-beef year-round. I could live there.

3. It’s hard to relax after a long drive, especially when your new apartment has no furniture. Yes, we were thrilled to be “home.” Unfortunately, “home” has no “furniture.” It is beautiful though. Check it out! (We have just an apartment, not the whole house).

photoAny readers with Upstate New York experience who have a little advice to give? Restaurants? Jobs? Furniture? … Furniture???



  1. Kevin, So happy you made it there safely. I love your apartment and traveling through Ohio – I agree big pain – it is my least favorite. Restaurants – well you need to try Tom Wahl’s in Avon, but closer to home for you at 691 Monroe Ave is Dogtown. Nathan’s Soup and Salad on 691 Park Ave; The French Quarter Cafe’, 176 S. Goodman Street has Cajun/Creole, African, American food. Aladdin’s Natural Eatery has Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Middle Eastern, Gluten-Free Friendly,Vegan Friendly, Kid Friendly, Free Wi-Fi, Outdoor Dining. Well there are lots more check out this site for all the options and details

    Furniture: here is a list for Yelp. AVOID Raymour and Flanigan – I had to take them to small claims court.

    Also you can find great value at thrift stores – here’s the list from Yelp

    Jobs – Rochester University, RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology), Kodak, Xerox are some of the big employers. Try the Rochester Works website at and Craigslist Rochester

    Also bulletin boards at U of R might have some things.

    I’ll be reading your blog to see how things develop for you and keeping you both in my prayers. Mary 🙂

  2. Your place looks great! Actually, it looks like my apartment in Rochester did. Do you have a landlord named Andre? What would be the odds of that? 🙂
    My one piece of advice is definitely plan on a Wednesday night outing to Captain Tony’s for a $5.99 large cheese pizza. I took mine back to my apartment, added my own additional toppings and got 4 meals out of it. You may have a bigger appetite than me, though. 🙂

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