Media-thon Monday (1st Edition)

Hold on to your hats, or bifocals, I’m trying something new. This new thing, it’s called Media-thon Monday.

The goal is simple: to devote a spread to awesome art/media finds and/or pop culture. While I don’t ever see myself breaking into the pop-culture blogosphere (nor do I wish to), it’s my blog and I can post if I want to.

Depending on discipline, demand, and response, the frequency is yet to be determined. On with the show…

picstitchDenison Witmer

All of my close friends know how obsessed I am with this Denison Witmer guy. He was the first to inspire me to sing and write songs of my own on the acoustic guitar. He has a new self-titled album out, which you can stream for free on bandcamp. So far, my favorites are “Born Without the Words” and “Constant Muse.”

The album features many prominant folk artists, including William Fitzimmons, Dawn Landes, and Sufian Stevens. Here is the first single, “Keep Moving Brother, Keep Moving Sister.”

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 was fantastic. Megan and I saw it at the Sunset Drive-In in San Luis Obispo this weekend. I was floored. (Drive-In joke?)  I’ve heard fans claim 3 as their favorite Iron Man of the franchise. I’m not sure I agree—as the first installment holds a special place in my heart—but the argument is valid.

For me, the pacing of the film made the storyline a little hard to follow. I wasn’t as big a fan of Guy Pierce as everyone else seems to be; he was good, not great. Robert Downey JR. was the man, as usual. There was a great twist (which I wont spoil) and it genuinely surprised me. No small feat these days in Summer/super hero movies. Go see it, you’ll love it!


Weird Japanese Condiment Picker Upper

I would never use it; I would probably break it; still, I must have it. The first time I watched this video straight through, I felt like I awoke from a coma. Then I watched it again. It’s strangely soothing and addicting, no? Just me? … I was just.. joking.

Uh…hem. When will the Japanese invent what we really need: a scooper for mash potatoes off of t-shirts!

My Uncle’s Band is Actually Pretty Darn Good

My Uncle Steve plays drums for The Scarlet Furies. This live performance video, filmed at a show in Pennsylvania, is just fantastic. It’s a cover of “I Put a Spell on You.” Check it out!


Well what did you think? Should I continue with Media Mondays, or has this dead horse been turned to glue? Did you see Iron Man 3; what were your thoughts? For any interested, I also posted a new song on my Music Career page. Check it out, it’s called “Beyond Measure” and it’s weird.

Guest Writers Wanted for Media-Thon Monday: 

  • Write a short feature on a favorite album of yours and/or new artist
  • Movie review/write up/Netflix Instant recommends
  • Book review/genre write up
  • Youtube/art finds

(Contact via email on About Me page)



  1. Kevin, In my case it’s hold on to your trifocals. I saw Iron Man 3 last week and I loved it too. Robert Downey, Jr.owns that role, and I have never seen him so fit or healthly looking. Considering his past that is a truly wonderful thing to see. He and Gwyneth Paltrow really make a good team. Guy Pearce played his role convincingly, but my true favorites beside Robert Downey Jr. are Paul Bettany as Jarvis – I am a big fan of his and his voice makes a perfect Jarvis, and Jon Favreau who always makes me laugh. Oh and Don Cheadle who I hadn’t realized was in the film – I loved him in Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13 was also very cool in this movie.

    Your uncle’s band was very good – that female singer has a beautiful and, jazzy voice. She should be recording for some big label.

    The Japenese thing – while mind-boggling I couldn’t help but think that, these guys had way too much time on their hands. I would never bother pulling something like out in the kitchen. Perhaps they had a more industrial use for the thing. Still amazing what the human mind can conceive and then bring to fruition. I say yes to Media-Thon Mondays.

    1. Mary, thanks for the comment. I’m glad you liked the article. I think I’ll try it for a few weeks. It’s good to have a little structure in the blogosphere.

      I’m also glad you liked The Scarlet Furies. Her voice is quite amazing. I didn’t know Paul Bettany was Jarvis; I thought it was Jude Law!

  2. Funny thing – I was reading your “Media Monday” post at the same time you were reading my “Mystic for a Monday” post.

    I would second the emotion to move forward with Media Monday.
    I would like to submit for your consideration a brief post on a young singer/songwriter I really enjoy (named Dan McCormick). He has 3 collections now on bandcamp. Anyway, if you are interested, let me know how you’d like me to send it.

  3. Yes, Kevin. Continue with “Media Monday”. I want the Condiment Picker Upper too. Now that would be a fun toy to screw around with. Thanks for the “The Scarlet Furies” post. You’re a good nephew. 🙂

    Uncle Steve

  4. The Japanese thing amazed me and made me want to play with it!
    The Furies… OMG what an awesome cover of “You Put A Spell On Me” But rendition of that song I have ever heard!

    1. That is “I Put A Spell On You”… See they did put a spell on me with that song!!!

  5. I saw Iron Man 3 in IMAX and was blown away! The first movie still remains my favorite, but RDJ was the man and 3 was still a darn good film! And I love almost everything made by Japanese people! I vote that media mondays continue!

    1. Iron Man 3 in IMAX! That sounds rad. I’m yet to see a whole movie in IMAX, though I did attend a special viewing of the first ten minutes of The Dark Knight Rises last year.

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