Short Story: The Cafe Throne


When I visit the cafe, I change seats about three or four times before I settle. It’s no science. I’m not a creep or anything. I just like my space. I like my spot—the corner window with the round table.

The workers here probably think I have OCD; but then again, they’re judgmental.

The coffee is how much?

Every morning I have to wait on this guy, he likes the corner window seat too. It’s the same guy every day. I imagine him outside, waiting in the cold, sprinting as soon as they open the door. You can’t blame him, it’s the best spot in the house. The lazy squatter watches the sunrise and the fog burn off both sides of the highway. By the time he gives up the seat, the sun blares in my eyes and I’m left with a lingering smell of his breakfast veggie-wrap.

That’s alright. I grab my coffee, sit, and wait. It’s okay here, the coffee that is. You wouldn’t catch me handing out any awards. They brew it hot enough, I guess. The food does make me sick and good thing, it’s expensive.

The coffee is how much? 

I’m close to home when I come here. I’d otherwise exist, every morning, with people who know how to appreciate a level table. Here, they bob up and down like a child’s hand in a classroom—can I go to the bathroom? You do all this work, jumping from table to table, getting closer and closer to that prized spot, that seat of accolade, the damn window corner cafe throne, and what’s that? Oh, it wobbles.

The coffee is how much? 

Thirty years I spent climbing the ladder. I’m not talking corporate ladder, I mean an actual ladder. Up and down every day. Up and down, up and down. Painting, cleaning, watching.

I’m tired of the up and down.



  1. The coffee prices are expensive. That answers it.
    I’m frequent at Starbucks in my area because they have a Wifi. 😀 and yeah, I have a favorite seat there as well. And yes, my favorite seat is also other people’s favorite seat.

    1. Wifi makes or breaks a cafe for me! Well, I suppose the coffee must be good. But yeah, this was inspired by a real life craving for “the perfect experience” from my cafe. Thanks for the comment!

  2. This reminds me of your post about spiritual inconsistency. The place from which we choose to view the world, and what’s more the genesis of things, – well, sometimes it wobbles. But it’s ours, for now. Like the faith we’ve been entrusted with. Maintenance of faith can be hard, and seems like ups and downs. Why can’t my faith be steady? The cost of discipleship surprises me. I don’t know why it should. Jesus told us it would be hard.

    I’ve been thinking about the same things lately. My latest poem “Snow” was me sitting in a cafe praying for God not to hide his face from me anymore, but it was my fault to begin with, my inconsistent faith that I guess he had enough of and decided to discipline me for.

    Anyway, good story – very thought-provoking. As I read some of your posts, I’m glad there are other thoughtful people out there trying to follow Christ.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts; they are highly appreciated. “Why can’t faith be stead?” is such a big, big question to ask. I can’t wait to read your poem.

      Thanks, again and also, for checking out my short stories. They are not my strongest skill, but I’m trying to get better. It’s nice to meet you!

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