I’m Trying to Kill My Wife: Montaño De Oro Edition

photoSo my wife thinks I’m trying to kill her. She keeps pointing out stuff about California I never really thought about and now I must admit; it sounds a little fishy.

“You brought me to a land of earthquakes, rattlesnakes, tsunamis, giant spiders, mountain lions, poison oak, and sharks. Are you trying to kill me?”

“But it’s sunny!” I insist.

Anyways, we went to Montaño De Oro State Park today. It’s literally one of my favorite places on the planet. Today I realized how similar it is to certain parts of the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland. That could be a reason why. So if you haven’t been to this State Park before, go now!

I’ll give you a tip first: Dress warm. It’s always windy, but today was extra chilly. Always worth it of course. Thankfully, last second I remembered a puffy-vest was currently sleeping in the back of my car. That did the trick.

Before you even hit the water, the drive up is incredible. Take Los Osos Valley Rd. until it turns into a little town. Keep straight and it will take you up a little hill that eventually gets curvy, woodsy, and fun. You’ll start seeing signs for the state park. There’s also cars parked along the way, no doubt surfers attempting some “secret” spot.

photo copy

It could be a car commercial road, like wooosh

As soon you pass a gorgeous ocean scenery, well, yeah you’re there. The ocean.

Before I moved to Idaho, I told myself that my favorite spot in California was Montaño. I’m not sure if that holds true any more, but it’s Top 5. And I’m a Top 5 type of guy.

If you’re into scenic pictures, there’s even VW Vans.

Through Painted Oceans

Through Painted Oceans

If you’re into surfing. Don’t go to this beach. It’s very rocky, and I’m not talking Stallone. Well I may be, it depends on your definition of “Stallone.”

I won’t bore you with endless pictures taken from my iPhone. If you scour the internet, I’m sure people brought real cameras and took great shots worthy of a book or something. Still, I really like this last one. So here it is:

I call this one "Rock in Ocean"

I call this one “Rock’n Ocean”

Yeah you should come here. If you’ve been, then you know what I mean. If you are a friend from Idaho reading this, you need to see this for yourself. So come visit already.


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  1. duuuuuuuuuuuuude i love reading your blog! and i am not… too into blogs. ever. YAH keep those words comin. like it love it gotta have it (coldstone reference)

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