Nobama, Nobush, Nocare

I just got done walking with a classmate towards my next class. We both have English 102 together and we’re in the midst of writing an argumentative essay.

I asked my friend what he was writing about and he said, “gun control.” I asked him for his thesis and he told me something along the lines that gun control is useless.

Whether or not you agree with his thesis is not the issue. The issue that spawned is that he started spouting off complaints about Obama. I walked along and listened but couldn’t help be slightly frustrated at this situation I found myself in once again.

Here’s the deal. All 8 years of Georgie Jr. I lived in California, the blue state. All 8 years I had to listen to democrats complain about republicans. For some strange reason, I moved to North Idaho right around the time Obamy came into office. Now, I get to hear republicans complain about democrats. 8 years of “Impeach Bush” bumper stickers and now I see “Nobama” at every intersection. Why can’t I just live somewhere where people voted for the current president? It’s annoying.

What are we accomplishing with all this complaining and name calling anyways?

Do we just point fingers because it gives us something to do?

Back to my original complaint I will say however, that moving back to California doesn’t sound nearly as appealing as living in a swing state. At least then, political conversations wouldn’t be AS solely founded upon where the person was born.

As I walked along and listened to his rant I wondered at what point I should tell him that I voted for Obama. Realizing that I had nothing to prove to this rather nice and opinionated fellow I just kept quiet and listened to him vent.

(I hope my voting confession doesn’t loose me any friends in North Idaho, or any of my Christian friends anywhere, since Christians always vote Republican. It all drives me insane.)


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