In-Rainbow Trout Dinner

I usually don’t do food blogs but I made one heck of a dish a couple nights ago I thought I’d share it.

Basically, it’s a pan-fried rainbow trout with some sautéed mushrooms and a nice salad. So I’ve called it In-Rainbow Trout.

Despite the name, the mushrooms are actually what make the dish special.

Here’s what I do:


Organic Crimini (chop up however much will make enough servings)

Oil the pan and turn up yo heat (I use Napa Valley Naturals Sunflower oil)

Throw in the mushrooms with some California Cooking Sauterre Wine (also from Napa Valley Naturals) don’t over do it, you will be adding more later.

Sprinkle on cilantro, seasoning mix (Suzie Q if you have it available), red pepper flakes

Give that a couple minutes then throw in some chopped up garlic and finally more sauterre wine to give them a juicy bite.

(Add cheese on top if you want to serve them as an appetizer with some party crackers but don’t do that with this dish)


This one is simple. My boss told me to just use sunflower oil (or olive oil) and garlic but I couldn’t resist. I added some other seasonings like rosemary, thyme, basil, and fresh pepper but that is totally up to you. I am a season freak so I will always add more.

Serve with salad and wine fool!


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