Weekend (Ultimate) Warriors: NYC!

NYC is a city I’ve been desperate to explore since always. Momentous and classic. Films like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York beckoned me. Of course, Seinfeld and any Beastie Boys music video played a similar role. It was only a matter time after moving to Rochester that Megan and I would explore the Big Apple.


NYC is an intimidating beast, especially for first timers. Where do we start? Where do we stay? How on earth do we drive? Thankfully, Megan and I were joined by two experts: my work friends Kevin (yes, another Kevin) and Anthony. Kevin Two grew up in Brooklyn, so we couldn’t have asked for a better hometown tour guide and “city driving” expert.

What Other Kevin didn’t tell me was that he couldn’t drive at night without his glasses. Annnnnd he forgot to grab his glasses. This meant I had to, wait for it, drive into bustling Manhattan on a busy Friday night, first time in NYC.

Was I nervous? Scared? Thrilled? Probably all of the above. But when it came down to it we were fine. See, I was trained in the mean streets of Los Angeles and Hollywood where everyone drives like a maniac (not just the taxis). Manhattan was a juiced up version of that.

I’m happy to report that everyone survived (including my car), and besides a few near death experiences, the ride was surprisingly smooth.

122… 122 1/8? You’re Standing On It, Dude


8-Bits of Frustration: None I Tend To Let Go

In 1889, children would’ve made a pastime out of stacking blocks of wood in an orderly pile. One hundred years later they put it on their Gameboy and called it Tetris. In 1984, every boy pretended to be either a fireman or an astronaut. One year later we all had awful Italian accents and dreamed of someday becoming a plumber.

That’s right I’m talking about Nintendo.

Since its creation, Nintendo has been responsible in leading some of the most impressive advancements in entertainment technology, outdating the competitor’s product as well as theirs that came before it. The Nintendo Wii, their newest game console, is an entirely different machine than the original NES or Nintendo Entertainment System that I learned to love as a child. With each new console, we get further and further away from where we began—a humbled mess of chords, cables, and eight bit graphics.  Today, the newest generation of spoiled gamers don’t appreciate the milestones that have been made in video game technology.