Well here it is. I’m 25. Great… In all seriousness today has been an awesome day. I really feel like an adult, mature and all.

For instance, I went shopping with my grandma. Then I went to math class. I’m about to watch Thor on blu ray. So yes, as you can gather, I’m basically still 15. What is ten years anyways?

Speaking of 15, my band played a show last night in Spokane. We played 2nd and the first band was a group of 15 year olds playing Romones -ish type music.What’s truly enjoyable about my band, is that since we fit into a lot of varieties of “rock,” we get to play with a lot of different types of bands. There are some that are great, and then there are some that are just not my cup of tea, coffee, or egg nog. (more…)