2014 Netflix Halloween Playlist (3rd Annual!)

Everybody now: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Ahhhh. Don’t you just love Halloween? I know I do.

Fall season creeps in: candy apples and carved pumpkins, cardboard tombstones and plastic costumes, counter culture and scary movies. What I really love about Halloween is that it can look different to everybody. For me, even as a kid, I grew up watching horror. Really, I’m not sure how I got away with it. Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers were as familiar to me as Mr. Rogers and Big Bird.

As I have aged I have got away from the horror genre a bit. So, now, when Halloween comes around, I enjoy packing in as many nostalgia-filled frightening flicks as I can (especially since my wife doesn’t usually watch them. Her childhood was NOT filled with grotesque, slasher movies… whatever that’s about).

Not sure what to watch this Halloween?

I made a Netflix playlist for us to enjoy. As usual it’s a mix of campy, fun, classic, horror and X-Files. I would love it if you joined me. We can discuss it on Twitter and have a ball.

So never fear (or should you? Mwahahahah). I got you covered.

Note: This list is good for either a spooky, all night marathon or spread nights before Halloween. Your pick.

Check out last year’s list too!

The Number Kevin’s 3rd Annual Netflix Halloween Playlist

paranorman2012-poster-wideParaNorman (2012)

It is always good to start out light, and I love kid-friendly Halloween movies. Monster House, Ernest Scared Stupid, for instance. ParaNorman has been on my Netflix List for quite some time. I have NOT seen it. This year, I plan on getting to it.

The Twilight Zone: Mr Garrity and the Graves (S1. E32)


From friendly kid movie, we’ll move into classic TV shows. The Twilight Show was a favorite of mine as a child. I watched both the new and old editions (does anyone know how the newer version holds up?), as well as The Outer Limits. “Mr. Garrity and the Graves” is highly rated, and looks quite spooky: an unknown traveler who brings a small town’s deceased back from the dead. 

The X-Files: Millenium (S7.E4)

3179400-x-filesFrom spooky classic TV we move on to Spooky Mulder. Every year I make sure and put on an X-File. I have to. It’s all part of being an X-Phile.

While season 6 and prior captures The X-Files’ best quality, season 7 is much better than I remember. “Millennium” is great. It’s fun if you remember the old, once beloved and canceled FOX TV show with which they do a crossover, but if you don’t, it’s still good enough an episode to stand on its own: scary, gripping, a perfect Halloween fright.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Revenge (S1.E1)

Alfred-HitchcockWho doesn’t love a good Hitchcock? The problem is, sometimes, his movies can drag on a bit. I know, I know. I do love me some Psycho and some Birds, but if you’re trying to make it through a long list of film in one night, it’s good to stay succinct and focused. Thus, we have Alfred Hitchcock Presents, his foray into 1950’s superficial television. While he didn’t direct every episode, “Revenge” comes directly from the man himself. It is also the series pilot.

Fright Night (1985)

fright_night_1985There is a newer version of this movie that I haven’t seen. I don’t think it’s on Netflix, but, regardless, you should see the older one anyway. It is terribly campy, and probably not very good (I haven’t seen it in years, I’m waiting till Halloween), but 80’s horror always makes for a fun feature presentation, a great way to end the night. I remember being genuinely spooked by this movie. Here’s to hoping it has some sustaining scares.

Horrorable Mentions

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) — a classic horror movie sequel. It’s not necessarily “good,” but what do you expect going into these things? Plus, Paul Rudd is in it. Totally worth your time.

The Adams Family (1991) — another good “kid friendly” option, though I’m sure in hindsight it’s darker than I remember. I was always a fan of the sequel more than the original. Before Halloween, I think I’ll try to fit this one in.

Carrie (2013) — Stephen King classic reimagined with Chloe Grace Moretz? I’m on board. This movie came and went faster than Rochester sunshine. Not a “great” sign. Still, going in with low expectations, it has to at least be worth a watch. Right?

The Ninth Gate (1999) — This is one of my favorite Johnny Depp movies. It was his magical era: not really (arguably) an A list movie star and willing to do well crafted, lower budget horror films. In another words, it’s pre-DeppDisney.

Scrubs: My Big Brother (S2.E6) — You can use this as an alternate fill-in somewhere. Scrubs is wonderful. “My Big Brother” isn’t their best episode, but Halloween is happening in the background to the plot and it’s fun to see what they do with it.

What are you watching this Halloween?



  1. One movie I love to watch around this time (and it’s kid-friendly) is Abbot and Costello’s Hold That Ghost. Its a classic, slap-stick/quick wit, fun black and white movie. Others that I enjoy of Abbot and Costello are Who Done It? and The Invisible Man. Really, any that involve mystery or fictional characters (like Frankenstein or The Mummy) are great fun!

      1. Oh man! You will have to catch up, then! I’m such an old soul, in my twenties and noticing that while most kids my age grew up on The Breakfast Club and The Goonies (Both that I saw for the first time last year), and myself growing up on Abbot and Costello.

  2. I saw ParaNorman in theaters and loved it! I plan on watching it again this year.

    I haven’t seen the original Fright Night, but did see the remake. Surprisingly the remake was pretty good. It’s definitely not your typical terrible throwaway remake (Friday the 13th, Nightmare, etc…). Colin Farrell is sufficiently creepy, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse adds some enjoyable comic relief. I want to check out the original though.

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