Quick! Don’t Tell. (A Study Break)

Hello blogolopolus,

Meet my friend, Procrastination. He likes to stop in unannounced and drink all my beer.

I’m attempting a super quick blog post. See, I’ve been studying and working and sleeping and (well) that’s about it. My ECON Final is tomorrow. Yeah, that Econ. Thank the Lord above and the ghosts below; I’m almost through it. And when I get through it, I’ll be able to claim the knowledge of why a Demand curve slopes downward. Totally worth it.

Some good news as of late. The University of Rochester approved my proposal to create an entrepreneurship degree. (From inside sources) the proposal was “one of the best the committee had ever seen.” Sweet.

In addition, my wife got a new job. It’s suppose to be a better job than the one she has, which means we won’t hate our lives nearly as much. Yay! I don’t blame her for disliking her job. I don’t care for mine very much either. Add on a foot of snow and life feels sludgy and terrible. 

Speaking of work, I have a new website for my freelance copywriting and consulting: HERE. Your feedback on it is extremely valuable. If you’d like to hire me or donate $25,000 so I can fly to the Cayman Islands, you know what to do.


The plan was to catch up on blogging after the semester’s end, but my computer broke, and it needs to be sent to Apple. Never fear! I will steal my wife’s. Truth be told, I’ll hope to get back on track in a week or so. If anyone wants to guest post during this crazy time, I would be very grateful.


PPS: Wish me luck on my ECON final! I got a C on my last test which is much better than the first. Hoping the trend continues.



  1. Congrats on getting your own major created! That’s awesome!

    And good luck tomorrow. May the grades ever be in your favor (because yeah, an Econ final is totes like the Hunger Games)

  2. your website looks nice and clear- if i need someone to do my copywriting, you’re the man. Hope (and have just prayed) that yr econ final goes ok.
    BTW- sometimes procrastination is like the twiddling with the focus on a lens, or retuning a guitar that’s in tune- not important, but somehow still unavoidable. So allow it for a brief time without guilt, and then go perform.

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