I turned 27 today. Every so often I like to change my age—keep it fresh. I’m a creature of habit that way. What can you say about getting older? Nothing really. Sometimes life is swell, and you want time to stand still to be able to appreciate it. But then the moment passes and we’re on to life’s frustrations and complications and standing arounds.

I had to work on my birthday. That’s the worst. 6am to 1:30pm. It was okay though, better early than late. Right now, my wife is making me a vegetarian eggs benedict (veggie benny: my favorite) for dinner, and I’m comfortable in the new clothes I’ve purchased for myself. Later, we’re going to a local brewery and grabbing a drink and desert. And after that…. if I’m really lucky, I’ll— what? I was going to say watch Skyfall on Netflix.

I’m trying to find something witty to end this little soliloquy with. Life just keeps moving forward, don’t it? I’m 27. Good lord, wasn’t I just learning how to drive and smashing my red ’96 Chevy Blazer into a stranger’s car in my high-school parking lot? 

How about this, I’ll end what I’m thankful for. Yeah, that sounds great. I’m thankful for my wife. She’s the glue that keeps me from falling apart. This last week was pretty tough. Without her I think I would’ve gone off the deep end and quit everything and ran for the hills.

She’s everything to me. Love that girl.

And so goes life. A lot of folks don’t care for the new The Head and The Heart album. I guess the band lost their hipster cred (whatever that means). Usually, when a great band debuts with a great record, and then follows it up with just a good record, the band might as well’ve fallen into the Grand Canyon on a sunny day. I don’t feel every album needs to be better than the last. Why can’t we just enjoy art as its released?

Anyway, I really like this song. It’s called “Let’s Be Still,” and, as a 27 year old glued-up lunatic, it’s how I feel about life right now. Check it out:

Thanks for stopping by! Any advice for a 27 year old?

PS: This is my favorite picture ever.


  1. Kevin,

    I wish you the happiest of birthday’s. Advice? Enjoy it cause 57, 58, etc. sucks! More than that save some money and protect your health.

    Blessings to you, Mary

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