Media-Thon Monday (6)

Hey, remember these? Media-Thon Monday has returned! What is Media-Thon Monday? Good question! Now, next time, raise your hand. MTM (as the cool kids call it) is a compilation of pop-culture finds that I think are interesting and worth sharing. So, without further ado, here… we… go!

That is a picture of a Drive-In theatre screen, FYI.

That is a picture of a Drive-In theatre screen, FYI.

Boy & Bear

My friend, Travis, sent me a link the other day (he lives in Australia). He likes to share good music when he comes across it. The band is Boy & Bear (from down-undah), and they are really, really great, especially their album Moonfire. For three days I thought the band was called Moonfire and the album Boy & Bear. Moonfire is the coolest name ever, so it was a little hard to get over.

I digress. Here is the first song off of Moonfire, “Lordy May.”

The Battle of Blockbusters

No, this isn’t about Blockbuster closing all their stores (though that is worth noting). It’s an interesting article I came across about similar themed movies coming out at the same time (think Armageddon and Deep Impact).

I’ve always been intrigued by Hollywood’s double-features. Is it by chance, is it on purpose? Probably on purpose. Regardless, check out the list of “Legendary” movies who were released with a competing film of the exact same nature. There’s a few I had never even heard of… (Rob Roy, The Last Starfighter?).

Article is here: 10 Legendary Movies That Battled for BlockBuster Success

A Dogfish Discovery

Netflix is a crapshoot of a goldmine. (Does that make sense?) I guess, what I mean is, sometimes you sink, sometimes you swim. No. How about this, feast or famine! But… sometimes you feast on bad television… I’m rambling. The other day I discovered a TV show on Netflix I had never heard of. It’s called Brew Masters, and it’s fantastic.

Basically, you follow Dogfish Head founder, Sam Calagione, around as he runs his business and researches new beers to brew. It’s the perfect reality show for anyone interested in craft brewing; it’s also hilarious and fun to watch. The show is a couple years old (and shortly lived as far as I can tell), so there’s no long-term commitment. I wouldn’t oppose another season.

Brew Masters also managed to make Delaware look interesting, so…

Economics, Schmeckonomics

Remember that post I wrote about getting a 26% on my Econ midterm? Yeah. Here is my teacher. He is a smart dude. He also creeps me out (his last book is called More Sex is Safer Sex).

I don’t really have much to say about this. I thought I’d just share, and let you all know what I’m up against this semester. The lecture is interesting for those who have the time. He gave it at some fancy-shmancy conference somewhere that is probably impressive.

And Bruce Willis

Just because. (Saw this originally on Grantland).

That’s it for now. Let me know what you think, and have a good Monday!


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