Communication Not Required

“Let me tell you something about management Kevin,” she takes a breath, “you can tell people, write it down, scream at them all you want…” she then makes the in one ear out the other pantomime.

“It’s like pounding your fist against a wall,” she again makes a gesture and finally adds, “they just wont do it!”

This came as a response to a suggestion I gave her about her staff; we work together and I noticed a couple problems worth mentioning.

“That sucks.” I add.

“Later,” she walks away as I remember a previous conversation about her college experience.

She’s a communications major.

I’m not sure what I’m suppose to take away from this. Maybe just that, more often than not, your boss is probably cluess. So give them a break once in a while. It’s like finding your dad on the kitchen floor, drunk and asleep with a cigerette in his mouth.

I guess dad isn’t Superman. Kick his leg and let it go.


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