Little Wins

I’m working in the produce department and this lady comes up to me. She gives me the I’m potentially angry eyes.

“Can I buy just two leaves of cilantro?” she says, “That’s all I need.”

I’ve had this dilemma before. I’m making something that only needs a little bit of fresh cilantro. Unfortunately, fresh cilantro is sold in bunches. No body wants to get stuck with buckets of cilantro. It grows like delicious wild-fire. The farmers get rid of it so the distributor can get rid of it, and inevitably gets to the store, where, well, we sell it in bunches so we don’t get stuck with it. The 99% gets screwed once again.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “It only comes in bunches.”

“But I wont use it all.”


“I still have to buy a whole bunch?”


Her eyes change from potentially angry to positively angry. She walks away. At this point, I’m thinking I could just give her two leaves of cilantro. We throw them away all the time. There’s probably 10 loose leaves in the box.

As I’m about to, she grabs a bunch of cilantro and sticks it in her cart. She turns my way and I pretend I wasn’t watching and start wiping off a clean counter. On the inside though, I smile.

It’s these little wins that remind me I should probably be doing something else with my life.

[This post was inspired by a co-worker, he writes a very funny blog about life, work, and people he runs in to. Check out Wild Magik 2 here]


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