One Year Thingamagoo

Well I thought I’d take a break from our luxurious vacation and blog a little bit about the whole one year anniversary thingamagoo.

I don’t really have too much to say, other than that being married is an awesome, fulfilling, and challenging adventure. Although it may sound cliche, it is true that marriage isn’t always easy. Especially when your spouse isn’t as perfect as you. Ha ha, no but seriously…

That is SO 2010.

Marriage has cleared up a couple things for me.

First of all, I’m not perfect. Second of all, before marriage, I was incomplete.

It didn’t really click until recently, but the whole “flesh of my flesh,” “bone of my bone” thing totally makes sense once you’re married. You realize that your wife completes you. No, not in the Dr. Evil/Mini Me sort of way, but in the “I really needed her, and she really needed me” way. I was like a puzzle or Star Wars Mini Lego Set if you will, missing a piece. But it goes deeper than that. It’s more like… I’ve been trying to make an apple pie my whole life, but didn’t have the flour. Or the apples. I don’t know is any of this making sense?


One of my favorite things that Megan says, after I forget or misread something (which is a lot) is, “you really needed a wife didn’t you?” I crack up every time. It’s true though. It’s not that I needed a wife, I just needed her.

So what are my suggestions for any new comers to marriage? You want my nuggets of wisdom after being happily married for one whole year?

1. Listen to each other.

2. Pray for each other.

3. Keep fresh orange juice in the fridge.

That’s about it. I’d love to keep blogging, but I must get back to my wife and away from the computer. See ya!



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